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S1E14- Got Faded Japan (crosscast)

In this episode, we cover Shinya’s recent adventures in Tokyo including his new body ink and experiences with fast food not available in Hokkaido. Then we get an insider look at the renowned/infamous Got Faded Japan podcast with Johnny Meyer. We also highlight some local Tokyo-based musicians from Delaina’s canceled tour. Sax player Gustavo Anacleto will be performing this week with Lisa Ono on a special online broadcast via Blue Note Tokyo. You can also enjoy some tunes in the background by Peter Montgomery and a former Got Faded guest, Kyle Eastwood. Yeah, Clint’s son. This is a wild episode! Anything Goes Hokkaido links: Instagram, Facebook & Twitter: @anythinggoeshokkaido Patreon:… iTunes:… Links for Got Faded Japan: Instagram: @gotfadedjapan Patreon: Got Faded Japan podcast on Spotify:… iTunes:… The Spilt Ink Art: Instagram: @thespiltink Etsy:

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