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Television, Reporting & Live Events

Travel Report for Hokkaido Govt. Tourism Bureau

Delaina hosts this live webinar event, sponsored by the Hokkaido Govt. Transportation and Tourism Bureau, with Singapore-based web personality Ghib Ojisan! "Hokkaido Hashikko United [EP.1] Authentic Hokkaido in autumn! -Finding hidden gems by self-drive"

Emceeing Live Webinar for Singapore with Ghib Ojisan, sponsored by the Hokkaido Govt. Tourism Bureau

This is another tourism webinar to offer you perfect driving spots in Hokkaido! The theme is "Hidden gems in three areas that are suitable for self-driving trips in autumn." The webinar was live-streamed from Hokkaido with videos and live broadcasts from three areas. Famous spots, activities, and gourmet cuisines that you have never known will be presented. Live broadcasts from three areas are a must-check!


Hokkaido Tongari Road Webinar & Travel Report part 2

"Hokkaido Tongari Road area", located in the Hidaka area which is close to the New Chitose Airport, where you can see beautiful autumn foliage, craft your own cutting boards, experience the life of a fisherman, and enjoy the freshest seafood!

Foreign Corespondents Club Japan -Live Interview

A Virtual Seminar for the Foreign Correspondent's Club Japan: "What’s On Now in Hokkaido and Fukuoka" with Delaina Miyazaki, producer of the  "Anything Goes! Hokkaido" Podcast and Nick Szasz, wwner and publisher of "Fukuoka Now".

NHK World's J-Trip Plan Report- Gardens of Hokkaido

Delaina's debut on NHK World's J-Trip Plan travel program. Her report begins from the 13:30 minute mark. 

Broadcast on July 10, 2017
"Summer is here and we look at how to keep cool while you are in Japan, introducing waterfront retreats, and traditional and modern cooling devices. Our correspondent talks about the Setouchi Triennale art exhibition. Our reporter visits 5 gardens along the Hokkaido Garden Path. She also tastes the local produce, sweets and cheeses on offer. One garden has some 2,500 varieties of flowers; another highlights conifers. An award-winning garden borrows the nearby mountain range as a backdrop."

NHK World's J-Trip Plan Report- Hot Air Baloon Ride in Furano

Broadcast on September 24th, 2018

From the 23:10 point, enjoy Delaina's 3 min report from a hot air balloon in Furano, Hokkaido for NHK World's  J-Trip Plan travel program.

Travel Reporter
2015 ZEN-NOH World Women's Championship

In 2015 Sapporo was the host of the ZEN-NOH World Women's Championship Games. Delaina had the great honor of emceeing and announcing the winners of the games at the closing ceremony as well as the celebration event held at the historic Sapporo Grand Hotel. Delaina's part begins at the 3:45:30 mark.


In 2017 Sapporo hosted the Winter Asian Olympics. Delaina was the English MC for the opening ceremony at Sapporo Dome. Her part starts at the 3:35 minute mark in this video. 

Event MC


roccol /Jayeblue
Tokyo based artist & producer

lyricist としてデレイナはいつも素敵な仕事をしてくれているからlyricistとして仕事をした時の対応や、ありがたかったことを推薦文として書くよ。美しい声英語の歌詞の制作パーソナリティに関しても素晴らしいって書くよ

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株式会社 河野音響 
代表取締役 河野武史
President of
Kawano Onkyo Studios


代表取締役 武田幸俊


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