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Delaina Miyazaki

Narrator, Singer-Songwriter, Travel Reporter, Event MC, Radio & Podcast Host

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From my latest projects and announcements to media mentions and industry articles, you can find all the updates here. Take a look and check back regularly for the latest posts. Be sure to contact me if you have any questions or would like more info.

Strange Strategies: for Language Learning & Life

英会話講師歴20年の経験から生まれた "珍技 "集『Strange Strategies』が出版されました。プロのナレーター(JR自身のアメリカ英語の声)による発音テクニックや、新しい言語を学ぶのに最適な精神状態の作り方などを学ぶことができます。
Inside "Strange Strategies" you'll find 30 short and sweet chapters filled with tips and tricks to bring your language learning (and life) to a new level! From Pronunciation (from a professional narrator!) to getting in the right mental game, to using MUSIC to uplevel your English speaking abilities.

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Cutting Conversation Corners: Excel at Everyday English

このテキストでは、英会話のどこで手を抜けば、より自然に、ネイティブのように話せるようになるかを紹介しています。This text shows you where to cut corners in your English conversation to speak more naturally and sound like a native speaker.

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2022年4月からFM Northwave Radio Luna & Delaina's 10 Min English 水曜日朝9時~

Starting in April 2022, Luna & Delaina's 4 Frame English program every Wed. morning from 9am on Northwave 82.5 Northwave

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