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Delaina Miyazaki

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Delaina is "the voice of Hokkaido" and beyond. She is best known for her announcements on various public transportation like JR trains and buses, the Sapporo City Street Car and subway underground, Hokutokotsu Buses, and more.  Her voice is widely used in videos for tourism, local businesses, and commercials. If you would like to use Delaina's voice on your next recording project, send a message and receive a free quote!

Television & Live Events

Delaina has starred as a travel reporter in programs like NHK World's "J-Trip Plan", New Chitose Airport's "Have Fun in Hokkaido", and "Namara In-Bound: Hokkaido no Chikara" with Yakumaru-kun. She has also appeared on TV shows like "Okusama wa Gaikokujin" with Takeda Tetsuya and "Imada Housing" with Ken Watabe of Unjashu アンジャッシュ. She has emceed live events for the 2020 Olympics, 2017 Asian Winter Olympics, & 2015 Women's World Curling Championship. Delaina has also starred in a number of TV commercials.

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Delaina is a performing singer-songwriter who has written music for TV commercials & programming and specializes in creating custom songs for couples, businesses, events, influencers, and more.  

She has performed for the Sapporo City Jazz and Sapporo Mirai (Future) Jazz festivals and on television. 


Delaina has published two original textbooks for English conversation and language study.

Strange Strategies; for Language Learning & Life

Cutting Conversation Corners: Excel at Everyday English

She has ongoing creative writing projects with two novels and a Netflix-style musical series in the works.

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Keynote Concerts

Delaina is a regular lecturer at universities and is available as a keynote speaker for conventions and other events. What makes her keynote talks so unique is that she combines the power of music and entertainment to make the event especially memorable, leaving not only a message but a feeling of hope and confidence with the audience. 


Delaina has been working as an English communication coach in Japan since 2002. She has extensive experience teaching preschool, university, business, hospitality, and adult lessons. 

She has worked as a lecturer at Sapporo Gakuin University, Japan Healthcare University,  Hokusei University, & Otaru University of Commerce. Her hospitality clients include the Sapporo Grand Hotel, Cross Hotel, Wing International Hotel, Park Hotel, and Hotel Clubby. 

She has thousands of hours of on-hand experience teaching at preschools. She created her own teaching system that incorporates ASL (American Sign Language), TPR (Total Physical Recall), and TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) techniques along with original music and Jazz chants. 

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