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Live Performances

Besides her work in English narration, Delaina is also an accomplished singer-songwriter performing artist.

What do Delaina's fans have to say?

Delaina asked a few concertgoers their thoughts after a show at the Sapporo House of Jazz. 

"Trouble" at the House of Jazz

Delaina's original song "Trouble".

Delaina at Kotoni Jazz- Fly Me to the Moon

Delaina was so honored to be asked to perform by Sapporo City at Kotoni Jazz. 

"Misty" at Younger Than Yesterday Yokosuka

Delaina got to perform at the iconic live venue Younger Than Yesterday in Yokosuka. She was joined on stage by legends like guitarist Peter Montgomery, drummer & soul vocalist Gerald Painia, Jeff Curry on bass, and Craig Morrison on keys. 

Mistletoe Destiny at Sapporo Factory

Delaina's must perform at every show original song "Mistletoe Destiny".

"Don't Know Why" Norah Jones cover 

A fan favorite!


roccol /Jayeblue
Tokyo based artist & producer

lyricist としてデレイナはいつも素敵な仕事をしてくれているからlyricistとして仕事をした時の対応や、ありがたかったことを推薦文として書くよ。美しい声英語の歌詞の制作パーソナリティに関しても素晴らしいって書くよ

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President of
Kawano Onkyo Studios


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