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Anything Goes_Japan Video & Audio Podcast

When it comes to Hokkaido, Japan, Anything Goes!

This internationally flavored podcast began in the spring of 2020 to combat the blues that the corona pandemic was spreading all around. Season 1 features a lively bantering of culture and age gaps between American longtime ex-pat to Japan Delaina and her half Japanese- half Australian 20 something co-host Shinya. Check out the 20 episodes with an eclectic roster of guests! From Nippon-Ham Fighters baseball legend Carols Mirabal to professional juggler Jeremy Eaton, to pinions of the local community such as Mugishutei owner Phred Kaufman (also known as "Santa" when the season is right).   Season two is planned for July of 2022 with back episodes of the Japanese language Anything Goes Hokkaido Radio program that was broadcast from Jan to Jun on Radio KAROS Sapporo.

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