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The next stop is...SUAGE

If you are here it means you've probably just read the English menu at SUAGE, one of the BEST soup curry restaurants in town! I really enjoyed working on that translation and adding in little bits of local Hokkaido information that I hope you have enjoyed reading as well! I am a big fan of Sapporo soup curry but I always order the mildest level, ZERO, anywhere I go- 1.) because as a singer and narrator my vocal coach told me to avoid spicy foods and 2.) because I personally feel that allows one to enjoy the truest flavor of the dishes. More fire can always be added later! 

As a thank you for checking out my website here is a specially curated list of some of my favorite locations to visit within a day trip's driving distance from Sapporo, just for you! If you do happen to take the train or bus, do keep an ear open for English announcements and see if you can recognize yours truly telling you that, "the next stop is..."


Historic Downtown Sapporo

From the Governor's Mansion to the Old Courthouse, to the infamous Tokedai Clock Tower, Sapporo has unique historical architecture from many other parts of Japan.


Takino Suzuran Hillside Park- Sapporo

An outdoor paradise for kids and kids at heart, great in any season! 

Visit the official Takino Suzuran Hillside Park website for the schedule and other details.


Lake Shikotsu

Just an hour's drive from Sapporo, Lake Shikotsu makes a perfect day trip! A little secret, if you go just before sunset, you'll probably have the whole park to yourself! 


New Chitose Airport

Maybe you've already been here as your gateway to Hokkaido, but did you discover all of CTS' secrets? After starring in 9 seasonal episodes of the "Have Fun in Hokkaido" airport program, I've been around this block a time or two! Let me show you around!

New Chitose Airport -Have Fun in Hokkaido

Furano- Tomita Lavender Farms

About 2.5 hours from Sapporo, a gorgeous drive to Furano provides lots of scenic views. In the height of summer Farm Tomita is covered in a fragrant royal purple lavender carpet.

Tomamu Hoshino Resort

Another 2-hour drive from Sapporo, Tomamu is a Club Med resort that offers every luxury from the Unkai Terrace Sea of Clouds to champagne and fireworks.  


Moerenuma Park- Sapporo

Designed by a famous architect, this spacious park offers architectural wonders, bicycle paths, and more. 

Delaina's Travel Reporter Tips

Find out Delaina's top recommendations from her extensive experience as a travel reporter working on programming for NHK World, the New Chitose Airport, and the Hokkaido Government Bureau of Tourism and Transportation!

Check out episodes and interviews from the Anything Goes Hokkaido Video & Audio Podcast and the BLOG!

Delaina kamikihoki live yellow dress.jpg

Sapporo has a rich music culture! Host to the classical orchestra events of the annual international PMF Pacific Music Festival, we also have the Sapporo City Jazz Festival with events running all year long. 

What DOESN'T She Do?!!

The answer: this Florida-raised girl doesn't ski.

If it seems like Delaina has her hands in everything under the Sapporo sun, you're not wrong.  Please checkout the links in the menu at the top of this page to discover more!

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