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Furano French

Furano is undoubtedly at its peak during the lavender season, but any time of year you can enjoy delicious Furano French cuisine at the Furano Hotel. (Furano, Furano, Furano!!!)

I got my first taste of it while I was filming for the New Chitose Airport program Have Fun in Hokkaido. Even though the hot dishes were cold and the cold dishes were not so cold by the time I got to eat them, it was all still delicious. Despite all the activity of filming going on around me, I felt quite serene while sipping their specialty cantaloupe melon juice and gazing out at the hotel’s lavender fields. By the way, the vegetables and herbs come from the garden below.

Furano Hotel- 4-star hotel

Address: Gakudensanku, Furano, Hokkaido 076-0035

Phone: 0167-23-8111

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